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Eduard Viktorovich Bondarenko
First Deputy Director Eduard Viktorovich Bondarenko
Ekaterina Semenova
Deputy Director Ekaterina Semenova
Deputy Head Tatiana Tikhomirova
Deputy Head Oleg Dmitriev
Book chapter
ZenPropaganda: A Comprehensive Study on Identifying Propaganda Techniques in Russian Coronavirus-Related Media

Chernyavskiy A., Shomova S., Dushakova I. et al.

In bk.: Proceedings of the 2024 Joint International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-COLING 2024). ELRA and ICCL, 2024. P. 17795-17807.

Working paper
Yves Montand in the USSR interviews, source

Lapina-Kratasyuk E., Oiva M.

Haastatteluaineisto Yves Montand Neuvostoliitossa, lähdemateriaali. http://urn.fi/urn:nbn:fi:lb-2020081502. The Language Bank of Finland, 2021

"Anything can become the object of philosophical thinking": Yulia Appolonova on the role and usefulness of philosophy in the modern world

Philosophy often meets skepticism about its relevance and practicality, yet remains a significant field in academia, appealing to many students. Yulia Appolonova, at the helm of the Philosophy Club and Media Communications programme, shares her journey and philosophy’s impact on modern professions, including journalism.

"Anything can become the object of philosophical thinking": Yulia Appolonova on the role and usefulness of philosophy in the modern world

© Olga Zotova

Yulia Appolonova is a distinguished media and philosophy professional. Yulia initially held the position of Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy at the Tyumen State University and was the Academic Director of the Bachelor's Degree in Media Communications, which offers a dual-degree program together with the Higher School of Economics. She was the head of the "Producer Platform" media center at Tyumen State University. Since 2023, she has been an Associate Professor at the Media Institute of the Faculty of Creative Industries at HSE, where she also holds the position of Creative Director of the Media Communications Bachelor's degree programme.

Educational Impact and Philosophical Application

Appolonova’s extensive philosophical education, spanning a decade, has been foundational, fostering her ability to think critically and creatively. She underscores philosophy's role in developing various thinking styles essential across disciplines, suggesting that philosophical thinking can apply universally, contradicting the notion that it's obsolete.

Practical Philosophy in Media

Transitioning from academia to regional television and eventually to leadership roles in media, Yulia exemplifies a philosopher's mindset in practice. Her philosophical approach informed her journalistic work, emphasizing systematic thinking and the value of seeing projects as interconnected systems. This perspective, she argues, enhances the conceptualization and execution of creative projects.

Philosophy's Broader Implications

Beyond media, Appolonova discusses philosophy's broader implications, including its influence on existential psychology and communication. She highlights the importance of recognizing the intrinsic value of individuals and the role of logic in understanding and addressing complex issues, illustrating philosophy’s application in both personal and professional realms.

Fostering a Love for Philosophy

The Philosophy Club, initiated by students, serves as a testament to philosophy’s appeal and relevance. Through it, Yulia aims to dismantle stereotypes and cultivate an appreciation for philosophy's depth and utility. She begins her courses by addressing fundamental philosophical questions, emphasizing philosophy's innate connection to human experience and its role in fostering critical thinking and self-reflection.

Philosophy and Modern Challenges

Addressing philosophy’s historical significance and its application to contemporary challenges, Yulia notes the enduring relevance of ancient philosophical insights in modern contexts, such as management and ethical decision-making. She also touches upon the philosophical dimensions of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, advocating for a thoughtful integration of philosophical reasoning in navigating new media landscapes.

Accessibility and Engagement with Philosophy

For those curious about philosophy, Appolonova suggests engaging with the rich array of educational events and literature available, highlighting philosophy's accessibility and its potential to offer solace and insights into personal and societal challenges.

Personal Reflections

Concluding with her favorite philosophers and texts, Appolonova shares her personal journey with philosophy, from challenging encounters with complex thinkers to the profound impact of existential and ancient philosophical works on her understanding of life’s meaning.

Through Yulia Appolonova’s experiences and insights, the narrative underscores philosophy’s enduring relevance, its foundational role in critical thinking, and its universal application across various aspects of life and professional practice.

Translation: Polina Semenova, a second-year student of Master's programme "Contemporary Journalism"