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109028, Moscow,
2/8 Khitrovsky Pereulok, Building 5 (metro «Kitay-Gorod», «Kurskaya», «Chistiye Prudy»)

Eduard Viktorovich Bondarenko
First Deputy Director Eduard Viktorovich Bondarenko
Ekaterina Semenova
Deputy Director Ekaterina Semenova
Deputy Head Tatiana Tikhomirova
Deputy Head Oleg Dmitriev
Contested Memory: How Stalin is Framed by Contemporary Russian Media

Irina Dushakova.

Yearbook of Balkan and Baltic Studies. 2022. Vol. 5. No. 1. P. 56-78.

Book chapter

Bekova S., Terentev E., Maloshonok N.

In bk.: Doctoral Examination: Exploring Practice Across the Globe. Routledge, 2022. P. 119-126.

Working paper
Yves Montand in the USSR interviews, source

Lapina-Kratasyuk E., Oiva M.

Haastatteluaineisto Yves Montand Neuvostoliitossa, lähdemateriaali. http://urn.fi/urn:nbn:fi:lb-2020081502. The Language Bank of Finland, 2021

Multimedia producer Oksana Silantieva: “To invent, you need not technology, but a brain that feels free”

Centre for Digital Cultures and Media Literacy and student project #Promedia held an open lecture of Oksana Silantieva "Multimedia storytelling: multimedia thinking for creativity". 

Oksana Silantieva, a multimedia producer, trainer and consultant in the field of communications and media project management, talked about how you can keep the attention of your audience in a competitive multimedia environment using storytelling and make your story attractive.

The expert believes that building the story comes from the meaning, and not from the format. The biggest problem is the lack of ideas, designers, producers, and other specialists. Oksana also advised to think outside the box: "To invent, you need not technology, but a brain that feels free." For the story to be remembered, it is important to realize that without the hero changing there is no story itself.

A storyteller needs to understand why he shares a story. A good story is easy to remember and retell; emotions hold attention. Besides, the right stories set the pattern of behavior. However, the speaker advised always asking oneself the question: “Why am I creating a story?” “You have to go and talk with real people for whom you are making content. Have you ever wondered what your audience is saying? ”