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Online research in Russia – alive, not dead: major projects and experts in a single bound

Davydov S. G.

The Russian Journal of Communication. 2017. Vol. 9. No. 3. P. 322-327.

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Nim E. G.

In bk.: The Routledge Encyclopedia of Citizen Media. Routledge, 2019.


Interview with Newest Fashion Curator Leonid Alexeev

The School of Design’s fashion team just became stronger thanks to its newest designer Leonid Alexeev. Leonid is a unique professional who is not only the creator of a brand that offers both a men’s and women’s collection, nor is he just the mastermind behind several lines of clothing made by well known Russian companies; Leonid has also headed the design bureau at the Ministry of Defence, designed costumes for various Moscow theatres, and also launched a clothing line for football fans. Beginning this academic year, Leonid will teach both bachelor’s and master’s students at the HSE School of Design. In the following interview, he talks about professional longevity, the winning concept of a fashion education, and much more.

German Students in Moscow: Expectations and Reality of Russian Journalism

At the beginning of June HSE School of Media welcomed 14 students from Germany. They came to Moscow thanks to the exchange project between HSE and Cologne School of Political and Economic Journalism and its principal Uric Papedric. Russian students showed Germans mass media offices in Moscow and different places of interest. In autumn, HSE students are going to Germany to get the same experience.

Stranger in Moscow: a tale of German Student’s Adventures in Russia

Linda Moessler is a German student, who is currently studying international relations in Russia. Despite political tensions and cultural differences, Linda managed to fit in greatly and enjoy her stay in Russia. Gladly, miss Moessler agreed to tell us about her experience as a foreign student at the Higher School of Economics. Her tale will surely be of great interest for those curious about how international students live in Russia.

That’s the Way It Happens: Academic Mobility Explained

The Karlshochschule International University is a private owned university of Applied Sciences in the City of Karlsruhe, Germany. It focuses on international markets and intercultural collaboration in business, which is very similar to the HSE main objectives. This year, Karls (the informal name of Karlshochschule) became home for 3 HSE students, when the HSE greeted 2 Karls’ students. During these series of interview, we would share with you experiences and emotions of exchange students, as well as the expert opinion of both Karls’ and HSE International office.

A Story Of a Russian Student in Germany: It’s So Far Away Part II

'Moscow Really Changed My Idea of Time'

We continue our project about international students of Higher School of Economics. Our hero for today - Lorenzo Tosi, who came from Italy, Cesenatico, University of Bologna. Lorenzo told us about “famous” Russian bureaucracy, his life in dormitory and favorite places in Moscow.

International Perspective

On June 4, 2017, HSE is holding ‘The Whole World at HSE’ festival, dedicated to the cultures of different peoples. It’s a great opportunity for many international students to share information about their country’s culture and explain how Russian culture might be perceived by people with a different mentality. HSE international students and faculty have shared their views on both their and our respective cultures.

2017 new Master's programs

HSE offers the list of new masters’ opportunities that are going to be introduced this summer

“HSE was the Better One with a Large Diversity of Courses”

Our team is launching a new project: every week we will tell you about one of exchange students of Higher School of Economics.

A Story Of a Russian Student in Germany: It’s So Far Away: Marya Tepliakova